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Whether it is in-person or through the telephone or video, we help you communicate in the boardroom, on the factory floor, and at shows and exhibitions. Our Chinese translators put what has been said in the meeting into English so that you can understand, and then put what you said into Chinese. We do this in a truthful and timely manner so that nothing is lost in translation.

Our Process


We use what we’ve learnt to provide you with best solutions


We are native speakers and we understand cultures


We uphold ethical business practices on site and in office.


From project start to finish, we are with you all the way.

Featured Project

We are qualified and versatile.
A Big, Rusty, Broken Ship

This week we bring you the story of a maritime stand-off, where the crew refused to disembark their bulk carrier because of some wage disputes. The vessel was stranded some 30 kms off the shore of Cape Town.

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Each of our Chinese translators has been carefully screened and vetted for his or her training, work experience, and personality. We believe these criteria are important, as they help to demonstrate that the translator has got what it takes to deliver quality translation work. Becoming a good Chinese translator takes years of training and practical experience. Our duty to you, our client, is to make sure that we recruit and employ the right people for the right job.

Our Team Leader

Professional English Chinese translator in South Africa

Name: Mike Lin
Likes: Cars, architecture, and Saturdays
Dislikes: Sticky frying pan
Brief bio: As a Taiwanese South African, my background led me to a career in translation and over the past 17 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work in various industries and sector, challenging and fulfilling to say the least!

CCi offers English Chinese translators in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and beyond.

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