Sany Heavy Industry at Victoria Falls

For translators, one of the perks is the opportunity to travel to various locations for work. Today, we bring you a story from Livingstone in Zambia, where our Chinese translators attended Sany’s annual dealers’ summit. In case you are unaware, Sany is a multinational heavy equipment manufacturing company in China. It ranks third in the world and is the first in its industry in China to enter the FT Global 500 and the Forbes Global 2000 rankings.

Africa is an important market for Sany. For this reason, Sany holds a summit every year where dealers from all over Africa share experience and discuss business issues. For any Chinese company, entering a new market poses many challenges: low brand awareness, stereotype attitude toward Chinese products, and language/cultural barrier, etc. As a result, Chinese companies often have to work harder in order to win over new customers. Fortunately, Chinese people are no strangers to hard work. What’s more and you may not know this, is that Chinese people tend to run a tight ship when it comes to business. That means everything has to be perfect and no mistakes. In fact, this is a very common belief and principle among the Chinese people.

After 2 days of interesting but intensive discussion around heavy equipment came the next item on the itinerary that most guests were looking forward to – a trip to the majestic Victoria Falls! From the hotel, the falls were merely a stone’s throw away. As we made our way toward the falls, the sound of plunging water became louder and louder, but nothing prepared us for what we were about to see next – the sheer breadth and depth of the falls! Unfortunately, it was the dry season this time of the year so there is less water, but the experience was still breath-taking!

We know photos often don’t do justice to the experience, but we would share them with you any way. Enjoy!