See How Ice Cream is Made and Eat it

This week we bring you the story from Ola, the company that makes all kinds of ice cream that you and I love! And for that, our Chinese translator traveled to Johannesburg, specifically the new Ola ice cream factory in Midrand. Inside there is a new production line for ice cream cones, and this is where we came in.

A few days into the project, our Chinese translator realized that making ice cream maybe is not as sweet as it appears to be (sorry for the pun). For the sake of easy and leisurely read, we won’t bore you with the technicalities here, but it is safe to say that the whole process starts with the preparation of the “mix”, which takes many steps and much care. Along the way if there are any mishaps, the entire batch of mix can be spoilt and go to waste. So a lot is at stake even before any ice cream is made!

Once the mix is ready, it is fed into the packaging line that in this case churns out ice cream cones, and boy that’s a lot of ice cream cones! All the ice cream cones sit on steel plates on a conveyer belt, and then they go on this snail-paced roller coaster ride inside the freezing chamber to get hardened, before they are put into boxes and into storage.

If all goes well, you end up with lots and lots of tasty, attractively wrapped ice cream cones.  Sweet victory!