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The world today is fast becoming a global village and this represents huge opportunities for companies. Take China for example. As the world’s second largest economy with the largest population in the world, China is naturally the most attractive market for any company. However, doing business with China will first require overcoming the language and cultural barrier. This is where website translation and localization is so critical for your business.

Website translation and localization allows Chinese customers to engage with your products and services in the language they understand. This means they are more likely to use your products and services. This will in turn create a greater return for your investments.

Do What the Locals Do

Today’s customers are increasingly asking for good information before they make a purchase. In global marketing terms, good information = translation + localization. This means that you not only have to translate your English version website into Chinese, but the Chinese version website has to “feel like” a website in Chinese. This requires not just translating the text into Chinese, but also paying special attention to specific cultural and aesthetic preferences such as color, image, layout, and style, etc. This is where our team can assist you.

We Are the Locals

Our website translation and localization team consists of members who are not only bilingual, but are also familiar with the local culture and customs, both of South Africa and of China and Taiwan. This means we are able to listen to your needs and objectives, and create a website that the target audience will understand. We are also innovative in our approach and thinking, and we try to keep abreast of current trends and to offer more value to customers. We find this very important for highly competitive markets such as the ones in China and Taiwan where customers always demand the latest and more.

How it all Works

We understand each project is unique and our client’s needs and objectives should dictate how the project is handled. This forms the overarching guideline of our approach. In our approach, we follow a very simple process:

  • Look at and listen to the target market
  • Translate the content and adapt the look and feel
  • Conduct a native review and modify
  • Upload and publish the website
Website translation language pairs:
  • Translate from English to Simplified Chinese
  • Translate from English to Traditional Chinese

We Deliver

In terms of delivery, we can have your translated website uploaded directly onto your content management system (CMS). Alternatively, you can give us the html files and we will return them to you with the translation. Or if you simply prefer to have the website translation submitted in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet, that will also be fine with us.

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We have a team of interpreters, translators, copywriters, graphic designers and video producer serving Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and other major cities in South Africa. You can also call us on 021 813 9511 or 071 884 5244 to discuss your individual requirements or send us an enquiry by completing the form below. We are on email 24/7, so we will receive and reply to your enquiry promptly.
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