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Technical Translation

In today’s modern age, any manufacturers and engineering companies must think global in terms of supply and demand. In doing so, you will soon realize that as the “world’s factory”, China is the world’s largest producer of machinery and equipment, and also one of the largest markets. Whether you are looking to buy machinery or equipment from China or to sell technical products or services in the Chinese market, our team of translators can help you in seamless communication with your Chinese suppliers or customers.

We offer: Native Chinese (Mandarin) Translators

Technical translation language pairs:
  • Translate from English to Simplified Chinese
  • Translate from English to Traditional Chinese
  • Translate from Simplified Chinese to English
  • Translate from Traditional Chinese to English
Documentation we translate:
  • Technical documentation
  • Manuals and user documentation
  • Industrial equipment
  • Documentation on automotive parts
  • Consumer goods

Why Choose Us

Well-educated Native Chinese translators

Our translators are all native Chinese (Mandarin) speakers with a strong command of English close to mother-tongue level. They are well-educated with qualifications such as Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management, Master of Biomedical Engineering, Postgraduate Diploma in Management, Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Political Science.

Double proofread

All translations will be proofread twice before we hand them to our clients. The first proofread is by the translator himself/herself and the second proofread is by another native translator.


To protect our clients, our translators have all signed a confidentiality agreement. We are also willing to sign a confidentiality agreement if so required by clients.

Delivery to deadline

Once the deadline has been agreed on the quote, clients can rest assured that we will hand in the translation by the agreed date.

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We have a team of interpreters, translators, copywriters, graphic designers and video producer serving Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and other major cities in South Africa. You can call us on 021 813 9511 or 071 884 5244 to discuss your individual requirements or send us an enquiry by completing the form below. We are on email 24/7, so we will receive and reply to your enquiry promptly.
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