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Currently China is South Africa’s largest import trade partner and fifth export trade partner, and many believe this will be more so in the years to come as China continues on its path in becoming the world’s largest economy. There is little wonder, then, that more and more companies are looking to or are already doing business with China.

We offer:
English to Chinese (Mandarin) Consecutive Interpreters (Verbal Translators)

Our English to Chinese (Mandarin) interpreters provide consecutive interpreting between Chinese and English for private companies at various business meetings. Business meetings are almost without exception smaller than international conferences in duration and size. For this reason, only an interpreter is required where the interpreter sits in the meeting and interprets consecutively after the speaker has spoken. Unlike at international conferences, no special audio-visual equipment is required at business meetings for the interpreter. Because building relationship is as important as good communication in any business meeting, our interpreters more than often take on the role of a facilitator as well, to ensure the meeting is a success.

Business meetings have a language of its own, and we are not just referring to Chinese or English here. Our interpreters have a good business sense and are capable of communicating various business concepts and ideas. They are professional in their appearance and conduct, because we understand ultimately they represent you, our client.

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